Terms and conditions

In order to use the services offered by Follow My Bag you must be aware of and accept the terms and conditions of use expressed below.

The company providing the services in question and to whom the terms expressed in this statement relate, is BPS Servizi Innovativi S.r.l. located in Via Einaudi 42, Mestre - Venice (Italy).

In this document the company and the services offered will be referred to for convenience as FMB.
The holder of one or more tags registered on the site will be referred to as a Member.
The features of the site and those relating to the tags and the tag itself are referred to as Services.
This document setting out the terms of the relationship between FMB, the Member and third parties through the use of the site is referred to as Terms.

Services, limitations and responsibilities of FMB

FMB does not ensure the recovery of lost baggage nor will be held responsible for non-recovery of the luggage; also FMB is not responsible for bad or non-use of Services by those in possession of the baggage of a Member.

FMB is not an insurance company or a travel agency and therefore will not cover any compensation or reimbursement in case of lost or mishandled baggage.

FMB shall not be liable for any reward or compensation whatsoever to the finder of any lost item.

FMB is not responsible for the condition in which the Member's luggage is returned, including damage, theft or tampering, nor is it responsible in any way for the contents of the baggage.

FMB is not responsible for any damage to the Member him/herself, luggage and property, damage which may arise from fraudulent and non-conventional use of the Services provided by this site and in particular:

  • dissemination and knowledge of all information posted by the Member by people who have interests other than those intended for use of the Services.
  • Member's receipt of materials and advertisements via email, SMS or mail from third parties that became aware of the addresses posted by the Member.

FMB will not disclose any details of the Member to third parties.

FMB also promises not to use the Member's personal information to send any type of advertisement. The only promotional information that FMB reserves the right to send will be an invitation to renew tags near the expiry date.

FMB staff are not required to give and will not provide to others any information on Members in any way (e-mail, telephone, etc ...) other than by consulting the website where the owner decides which details to publish in order to use the service.

FMB staff will not provide any mediation service between Members and Lost and Found offices at airports, ports or stations through means (e-mail, telephone) other than those provided by the Services, accessible exclusively by using the website

FMB informs the Member that the functions provided by the Services cease when the subscription of an in-use tag expires. Therefore in the period in which a tag is expired FMB has no obligation to communicate the Member's details via the Services.

The cost of sending text messages directly to the Member will be covered by FMB.
FMB has therefore decided that sending text messages of up to 3 alerts per day is reasonable to ensure the efficiency of the Services. There is no limit to communications via e-mail.

For every text message and e-mail notification there is a corresponding notification saved on the FMB server which is accessible by the Member at any time via his/her account.
FMB can not be held liable for moral and material damages caused by the failure to deliver a text message or email due to network congestion or external causes.

FMB is constantly looking to improve the Services offered.
FMB will take care to warn the Member about significant changes to the Services through direct communication or publication of information on the site.

Limitations and responsibilities of the Member

The Member is responsible for the tag registered in his/her name, therefore if any theft or loss occur, it is requested that the matter be promptly reported to FMB in order to obtain the invalidation and replacement of the tag by FMB.

The Member must not remove, obscure or alter any information (logos, instructions, contact details, tag code) identification (tag code) printed on the tag of which s/he is the holder.

The Member agrees not to engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the Services, or the servers and networks which are connected to the Services.

The Member agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade or resell the Services for any purpose, unless you have been specifically permitted to do so in a separate agreement with FMB.

The Member acknowledges and agrees to be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of passwords associated with any account in use and therefore to be solely responsible for all activities that occur under his/her account.

If the Member becomes aware of any unauthorized use of his/her password or account the matter must be reported immediately to FMB.

The Member acknowledges and agrees that if FMB disables access to his/her account, s/he may be prevented from accessing the Services, account details and any other information which is contained in the account.
The above measure can be implemented by FMB after verifying any fraud or unconventional use of the Services by the Member.

The Member, when registering, and whenever it is necessary to modify any data, declares that the personal details and information provided correspond to his/her identity and therefore FMB accepts their validity without any further claims.
Therefore, as the use of the tag is purely personal and nominal FMB assumes no responsibility for any discrepancies between the personal details connected with the tag, and the identity of those who will present complaint of loss or request return of the luggage.

The Member is not required to give any notice to FMB when deciding to stop using the Services. FMB will not delete the account, and the Member's details will still be stored on FMB servers.
The Member may request the removal of the account and all data stored at any time by submitting a request to B.P.S. Servizi innovativi S.r.l. - Via Einaudi n. 42, Mestre - Venice (Italy).

Treatment of personal data and privacy statement

For information regarding FMB data protection practices, please read the full privacy policy here:
This policy explains how FMB treats personal information provided voluntarily by Members and information that may be collected relating to general users who surf the website

FMB provides Members with access to a safe place for storing their personal details and information.
The extent and manner of publication of such data and information are at the discretion of the Member, who therefore assumes responsibility for the fact that they are accessible to third parties or not.

Acceptance of Terms

In order to use the Services, the Member must first agree to the Terms.
The Member can accept the Terms by clicking to accept or agree to the Terms, where this option is made available by FMB on the website.

FMB advise you to print off or save a local copy of the Terms for personal records.

Language of the Terms

Where FMB has provided a translation of the Italian language version of the Terms, the Member agrees that the translation is provided for his/her convenience only and that the Italian language version of the Terms will govern the relationship with FMB. If there is any contradiction between what the Italian language version of the Terms says and what a translation says, then the Italian language version will prevail.

Changes to Terms

FMB may make changes to the Terms of Service from time to time.
When these changes are made, FMB will make them available at at the bottom of the page under 'ADDITIONAL TERMS OF SERVICE'.
The Member understands and agrees that by using the Services after the date on which the Terms have changed, FMB will treat the use of the Services as acceptance of the 'ADDITIONAL TERMS OF SERVICE' and that in the event of any conflict will prevail as expressed in the ADDITIONAL TERMS OF SERVICE.

Legal value of Terms

If a court of law, having the jurisdiction to decide on this matter, rules that a provision of these Terms is invalid, then that provision will be removed from the Terms without affecting the rest of the Terms. The remaining provisions of the Terms will continue to be valid and enforceable.

The Contract between the Member and FMB will be governed by these Terms as well as by Italian law and any dispute between the parties shall be subject to the exclusive ordinary jurisdiction of Italian courts.

Exercising the right of withdrawal

Where the Member is considered a Consumer under the Leg. 206/2005 (Consumer Code), the Member has the right to terminate the contract without penalty and without giving any reason, within ten working days of purchasing the Service.

The withdrawal right is exercised by sending, within the time limit of ten working days, a written communication (registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt) addressed to BPS Servizi Innovativi s.r.l., Via Einaudi 42, Mestre-Venice, Italy.

The communication can also be sent within the specified time by telegram, telex, or e-mail to the address, but to be valid it must be followed by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within forty-eight hours; the letter is considered sent in time if delivered to the post office within the deadline.
In each case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, if the tag has already been sent by FMB, the consumer is obliged to return it undamaged within ten working days from the date of receipt of the tag, by mail, paid by the consumer, addressed to BPS Servizi Innovativi s.r.l., Via Einaudi 42, Mestre-Venice, Italy.

The right of withdrawal can not be exercised after the 10 day period, or if you have registered and activated the tag.