What is Follow My Bag?

A plastic luggage tag that provides access to an online database 24 hours a day.

What information is stored on the database?

Your personal contact details, your flight number, contact details for your destination(s), and your travel itinerary. You choose which details to provide, and you can update or change the details at any time, from anywhere in the world.

What is the service for?

It allows the staff at Lost & Found departments of world wide airports - or whoever finds your lost luggage - to contact you quickly and easily making the return of your luggage more convenient.

Are my personal details safe?

With Follow My Bag your details are absolutely safe.
The tag itself only displays our website address and a unique ID code.
The finder of your bag must visit the site and login using the ID code before they have access to your details.
It is up to you which details you provide on the site.
You can also choose not to reveal your identity and contact details; in this case you will still be able to receive information about your luggage via e-mail or SMS.

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